Jog Associates aims to cater all the Companies & Individual requirements pertaining to Digital Signatures. Digital Signature authenticates the identity of company/Individual while MCA ROC filing, e tendering, e procurement, Income Tax efiling, Foreign Trade, EPFO, Trademark etc. It is a digital code (generated and authenticated by public key encryption) which is attached to an electronically transmitted document to verify its contents and the sender's identity. In short, a digital signature has the same function as that of a handwritten signature.

Various legal statutes such as 'The Information Technology Act, 2000' (IT Act) & 'The Income Tax Act, 1961' prescribes various sections which requires 'Compulsory' use of Digital signatures in the mentioned cases.

Benefits Of Digital Signature

  • Authenticates electronic records
  • Tool Against Cyber Crimes - Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) is considered to be one of the strongest tools to Cyber Security.
  • Maintains Integrity - In many scenarios, the sender and receiver of a message may have a need for confidence that the message has not been altered during transmission. Digital Signature Serves this aspect and Maintains Integrity.

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Class 2

Class 2 digital signatures for individuals are personal certificate. Class 2 Digital signature certificates are issued to Individual/ organization/Chartered Accountants/Company Secretary for various purposes including filing Income Tax Returns, ROC Returns, VAT Audit, TDS Returns, Emails, PF Returns, etc.

Class 3

Class 3 Digital Signature is mainly used for e-Tendering Purpose in India. Class 3 signature is required by each vendor to participate in e- tendering process.Class 3 signatures are basically used in transactions where security, confidentiality and Integrity is very important because Class 3 type of signatures provide highest level of assurance within the RCAI hierarchy setup by Controller of Certifying Authorities in India


This of Digital Signature is used only by Importers and Exporters community.This certificate is made compulsory for all importer/exporter, who want to apply for DEPB/DES/EFT/etc. online to DGFT.

Benefits of using DGFT Digital Signature:-
  • Using this certificate they can save 50% of their license application fees.
  • More Security as compared to using a password